Corporate Profile

Aexxis llc is about YOU - the software user. We create tools that you need to manage your business effectively.

Founded in 2002, Aexxis llc is a privately held company with its head office located in Atlanta, Georgia. Aexxis is a SaS (software-as-service) company providing enterprise quality web-based applications for organizations of all sizes.

We are a provider of customer relationship management (CRM), continuity customer relationship management (CCRM), professional service automation, business analytics and task and issue management solutions.

Aexxis llc has earned the confidence and loyalty of both employees and customers. We pride ourselves on offering innovative products that help organizations get more performance and productivity from their employees, vendors and from their business processes. We are committed to giving you more for Enterprise IT. We understand that each business we work with has a unique set of requirements. Our web based products are designed to integrate into your existing systems, to grow with your evolving needs and to deliver a full service solution.

Our software provides the scalability and flexibility necessary to meet today’s business challenges while empowering your enterprise for even greater success tomorrow and into the future.

“We strive each day to help our customers centralize their business information and improve their business processes. Our services are quick to deploy and powerful in action with the tremendous flexibility necessary to engage and service each customers unique needs. Our client’s most important assets are their customers and their business information; we provide the integrated solutions they need to manage their assets safely and efficiently.”

Bruce Read, Partner
Aexxis llc